Rattle Battle Matches

What’s a Rattle Battle match? It is a combination of marksmanship and strategy—a 6 person team taking out targets simultaneously within a tight window of time. It’s a high power event like no other.

It has a history reaching all the way back to 1919 (officially 1936) and was originally called the Infantry Trophy Match but now commonly known as a “Rattle Battle” due to the rapid-fire cadence it requires.

NRA Individual Rattle Battle Match Rules

Number of rounds at each distance is the choice of the competitor, total rounds 60
600 yards – Prone – 45 seconds – each hit worth 4 points
500 yards – Prone – 45 seconds – each hit worth 3 points
300 yards – Sitting/Kneeling – 60 seconds – each hit worth 2 points
200 yards – Standing – 60 seconds – each hit worth 1 point

Targets – E Silhouettes at 500/600 yards and F Silhouettes at 200/300 yards. Each shooter will fire at 2 targets at each distance.

Each distance has a required 5 hits per target (10 minimum shots per distance); plus the competitor has an additional 20 rounds to be fired at any yard line of choice for bonus points that equal that strings point value. Any unused rounds will be counted as zero points and not penalize the shooter. No alibis allowed.

Maximum possible score is 180 points.

Competitor note: We will be using reduced targets for 500/600 yards. You have to fire at least 10 rounds per distance at 2 targets (at least 5 rounds at each target). There will be 5 minutes allowed for 5 sighting shots per silhouette type. Bring at least 70 rounds. 20 & 30 round mags can be used.

We usually hold at least one Rattle Battle event per year, keep your eyes focused on the match calendar below for the next date:

Upcoming Matches

April 26, 2020

Rattle Battle