July, 2018

Within the Associated Gun Clubs, Maryland Rifle Club is primarily known as a high power ‘Service Rifle Club’ however many members participate in disciplines outside of Service Rifle. Such is the case with MRC member Paul Borthwick who has a specialty in the World Cup/Olympic rifle disciplines.

Every year, about June, USA Shooting (the governing body for the US Team) holds Championship matches for the World Cup Rifle and Pistol disciplines, usually in Ft. Benning GA. For rifle shooters there are typically three events: A 120 shot, three position event, a 60 shot prone event both fired with smallbore (22LR) single shot, bolt action rifles at 50 meters and a 60 shot Air Rifle event at 10 meters fired with a .177cal pellet rifle.

This year member Paul Borthwick took the gold in the Senior Category for the Men’s Air Rifle event! Senior Category is defined as 50 and over and is a nod to the fact that 50 year old eyes and joints are going to have a tough time keeping up with 20 year old eyes and joints. Paul also was the top senior in the three position event, however there were not enough seniors shooting 3P to issue awards. He was second senior in the Men’s Prone event.

April, 2013

In the face of proposed Maryland anti-gun legislation, our very own Club Secretary gave testimony to support our second amendment rights! Watch below.


Sarah on Fox & Friends… she did a great job!

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