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Becoming a Maryland Rifle Club Member

Thank you for your interest in the Maryland Rifle Club. We are a charter club in the Associated Gun Clubs of Maryland, which operates the Marriottsville ranges. We are affiliated with the National Rifle Association and the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

As a tax-exempt fraternal organization, we limit our membership to individuals of similar interests, who are U.S. Citizens or legal permanent residents, and who are not under any legal restrictions regarding their right to own or possess firearms or ammunition. Because the IRS recognizes us as a fraternal organization, we are expected to fraternize from time to time, so we further limit our membership to individuals who intend to participate in club activities, attend club functions, and so forth.

Our club’s main interest and activity is high power competitions using service rifles, both modern and vintage. We host AR-15 training clinics twice yearly, plus numerous organized high power competitions and practice shoots. Club volunteers take care of routine maintenance on the 200 yard range at Marriottsville, and many of our high power shooters have competed in the national matches at Camp Perry, Ohio.

Maryland Rifle Club charges dues of $35.00 per year. An annual range badge, which entitles you to use all the AGC Marriottsville ranges for each calendar year, can be purchased by club members at the AGC.  You can find information about range badges and fees by visiting the AGC’s website:  Range Badge Fees – Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore ( club and AGC activities throughout the year are open to the public; consult the online calendars for MRC and/or AGC if you want to get better acquainted with us before you decide to apply.

If you believe the Maryland Rifle Club would be a good fit for you, we invite you to continue the application process by filling out the survey and questionnaire on the following pages. The information you provide will be used for the limited purpose of determining your suitability for membership, and will not be sold or distributed anywhere.

If you know a Club member in good standing who is willing to sponsor you for membership, please have that member’s email address, or range badge or member ID number handy. If you do not have a sponsor, your application will be considered by the club’s Membership Committee, a process that usually takes several weeks.

Please Note:  The Maryland Rifle Club does not mail or e-mail membership cards to members.  Current members can download their membership cards here:  Download membership card.

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