Our club is dedicated to enjoying the shooting sports, whether it be, rifle, pistol or bow.

We are interested in having fun. For those who are inclined, we specialize in long distance rifle accuracy shooting. However, we all enjoy the diversity of our sport and have a number of activities geared towards those who enjoy different facets of the hobby.

We have a very nice outdoor facility and invite you to check out our club through our various links for more information.

Club Interests

Although the primary focus of the club membership is High Power Service Rifle Competition, many club members are also active in other shooting/marksmanship disciplines such as:

  • High Power Rifle
  • Smallbore Rifle
  • Pistol
  • Air Pistol
  • Air Rifle
  • Black Powder Cartridge Rifle
  • Black Powder Muzzleloading
  • Trap (Shotgun Shooting)
  • Archery

The Club Shooting Ranges

Our shooting range is in Marriottsville, Maryland and sometimes known as the Marriottsville Gun Club or the Marriottsville Shooting Range. Officially, the range is owned and operated by the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore (the AGC.)

In order to be allowed to shoot at the Marriottsville Range, a person must be a member of one of the gun clubs who comprise the AGC.

The Maryland Rifle Club is a charter club in the Associated Guns Clubs of Baltimore, (AGC) and has full use of the of ranges at the AGC Range Facility.The range features two club houses ( upper and lower range houses,) with full amenities. These two range houses have modern comfort facilitities and are suitable for meetings and training sessions.

The AGC is a consortium of Maryland gun clubs which banded together to own, operate and use a single range facility in a cost effective manner for club members.

There are 5 ranges:

  1. The 50 yard Pistol range (with 50 shooting stations)
  2. The 100 Yard range (with 100 shooting stations)
  3. The 200 Yard Rifle Range (with 10 shooting stations)
  4. The Archery Range (with 3 shooting stations)
  5. The Trap Range (with 5 trap fields)

Additionally, there is an indoor air rifle and pistol range in the upper range house known as Memorial Hall.


We are a charter club in the Associated Guns Clubs of Baltimore (AGC) and that is our home range. We are affiliated with the National Rifle Association of America, and the Civilian Marksmanship Program.