High Power

Our club is centered around highpower: accuracy with a rifle across long distances and varying weather conditions. It’s both an art and a science and we have many generations of experience among our members. We host a Spring Clinic (usually in March) every year to get one-on-one coaching. We have both Spring and Fall teams that we field.

Small Bore Rifle

We are currently in the process of developing a small bore program.  The program is open to all interested members, and is intended to appeal to those with a wide range of experience and skill, from beginner to long time shooters, but not require extensive investments in equipment of time.  Initially the program will focus on instruction, practice and coaching of rifle marksmanship and the basic positions (standing, sitting/kneeling and prone), as well as informal competitions and fun-shoots.  Future directions of the program may include more formal competition, team shooting, specialized shooting disciplines, a dedicated Juniors program or other alternative as dictated my member interest.


Our club participates in several of the blackpowder events held at the range by some of the other clubs that meet at the range. Blackpowder shooting is allowed at the ranges at the same time as all other shooting sports.

If anyone has a special interest in blackpowder and would like to see us sponsor some activities or just get group of members together for some instruction or fun, please contact Club President Bill Perry.


Our club participates in several of the pistol competitions sponsor by some of the other clubs that meet at the range. Additionally, most of the members also enjoy recreational pistol shooting at the pistol range as well.


Interested in trying trap for the first time? Are you an experienced trap shooter and would like to continue to shoot it and share your knowledge with others? If so, come out and shoot in the Maryland Rifle Club trap shoots. These informal events will be scheduled periodically throughout the year as well as continue to be held preceding the club meetings. Everyone will need to bring a shotgun, appropriate ammunition(or it may be purchased at the range), and some cash($3 per round). If you bring your own ammunition, please be sure to check and make sure it complies with the AGC’s rules( We hope to see as many club members as possible, so come out, meet each other, and have a good time.

Please contact Doug Nichols at 410-768-6375 for information on MRC Trap programs.