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The range facilities of the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. (AGC) are located on Marriottsville Road in northwest Baltimore County, at the intersection of Marriottsville Road and Wards Chapel Road.
The ranges are approximately:
· 3½ miles west of Liberty Road (Route 26)
· 5½ miles north of Interstate 70
· and about 1 mile east of Patapsco State Park’s “McKeldin Area”.

The gravel road entrance leading to the 200 yard (high power) range, the Bow range, the upper range house (Memorial Hall) and the trap range is located on Marriottsville Road just west of Wards Chapel Road.

The gravel road and parking lot entrance leading to the lower range house, the 100-yard Barnes range, and the 50-yard pistol range, is located on Wards Chapel Road just north of its intersection with Marriottsville Road.