High Power League Work Party

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8:00 am - 12:00 pm

200 Yard Range

All hands needed for semi-annual maintenance of the 200 yard range. Bring work gloves, trash bags, rakes, cordless blowers, cordless weed trimmers, brooms. Also carpentry tools of all sorts. Tasks include cleaning the target pits, repairing target frames and/or carriers, cleanup of range house and replenishing match supplies. AGC Range badge credits are given for participation in this event.

This is our day to maintain the 200 yard range we all know and love. If you have skills like carpentry that’s great—we always need to rebuild/repair the target frames. But we need folks who can rake, shovel, and clean up too.

We could also use at least one volunteer who lives in Howard County, who has an open-bed pickup truck, and who can haul trash to the landfill at Marriottsville Road and I-70.

No heavy labor required but a pair of work gloves is always helpful. Your volunteer hours will go towards your next range badge renewal, so it’s a great way to give back and get a little too. If you are interested in helping, contact Alan at vp@mdrifleclub.org