2018 High Power

Place: 200 Yard Range, Associated Gun Clubs, Marriottsville, MD 21104

Cost is $10 per competitor per match. Checks to be made out to the Maryland Rifle Club. Competition is open to AGC Badge Holders and guests.

MAY 20
Individual Match
Individual Match

Note: Competitors can compete in both matches; each is a separately NRA approved match for classification purposes.

Registration: Registration will be closed per date after first 40 competitors registered. Registration can be done via email to hold a slot.

Entries to be made to the High Power Match Director:
Erich Grove
PO Box 1425
Ellicott City, MD 21041
[email protected]

Time: 8:15 a.m. to completion of match. First shot downrange at 9am.

Course of Fire: 800 agg. 200 yd reduced range.

  1. 20 shots plus 2 sighters, Offhand , 22 minutes, SR target
  2. 20 shots plus 2 sighters, sitting or kneeling rapid fire, 60 seconds, SR target
  3. 20 shots plus 2 sighters, prone rapid fire, 70 seconds MR42 target
  4. 20 shots plus 2 sighters, prone, 22 minutes, MR52 target

NRA High Power rules apply.

Classification: Current NRA High Power Classification card or temporary scorebook.

Awards: Award classes are grouped by NRA classification and by Match or Service rifle.

A minimum of 5 competitors are necessary to form a class. Classes will be combined if there are insufficient competitors to form a class. One award will be given for each 5 competitors in a class.