All members must meet all membership requirements to be a member of the Maryland Rifle Club.


The primary way to apply for membership to the Maryland Rifle Club is to apply online using the link below.



If you are already a member of the Maryland Rifle Club and you wish to renew your membership, you may do one of the following:


Having trouble applying online?

If you are experiencing difficulty applying online, contact the club officers at [email protected] for assistance..

Manual Application or Renewal Process

The club is no longer accepting paper applications. Please contact the club officers [email protected] at if you have any questions.


A note about Security:

To Clarify whether or not our credit card transactions are secure, let me offer a technical explanation of how we process payments on our website:

To make our forms look nice and integrate seamlessly into our website and with credit card processors (, we employ a service called Formstack. This is a very popular and inexpensive service and it makes the creation and management of forms, and their subsequent integration with payment processors, seamless and painless. These renewal and application forms are embedded within our website in order to make everything appear to be integrated and “one-piece”. While the forms can be accessed directly (without accessing, we simply don’t have them implemented this way. They can be accessed directly, and those links are below.


As a result, the outer layer of our website presents itself as un-encrypted (and it is). However, once that page loads up the form, the portion on the inside is encrypted. This page does not present itself to your web browser the same way that the outer layer does, so you do not see the Lock in the toolbar and you cannot look at the SSL certificate.


If you have the time, load up the renewal page and look at the HTML source. You’ll see on Line #190 that the form is pulled from within a <script> tag that references via https. Also, please also take note of the documentation on that explicitly states that the payment integration features are not available to us until we enable SSL. This is not a soft-policy, meaning the features are entirely unavailable until the SSL feature has been enabled. Also, it is not optional and the features are mutually exclusive. This requirements also applies to database encryption. Reference documentation: and Formstack and Stripe are completely Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant.